Holiday in Jamaica

Personalized Vacation in Villas in Port Antonio, Jamaica W.I.

Wellness in Port Antonio - Jamaica


Port Antonio: the holistic, eco tourist destination.

We are personally engaged in the promotion of local goods and services that contribute to healthy lifestyles.
Here you can find a list of wellness oriented services and unique products.

Experience the healing vibes of Jamaica.

To avoid sickness eat less, to prolong life worry less.
- Chu Hui Weng -





YOGA & Spa Services
Barbara Gingerich (Director)

Barbara has developed a personal style of Transformational Deep Tissue Therapy
drawn from years of experience and study of a variety of therapies including: Myofascial Release,
Connective Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage and Swedish Massage.

Yoga and Raw Food retreats available.
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Portland (876) 993 7605
Kingston (876) 924 5503
Cell 1 818 4771
[email protected]







Oneness Wellness Farm
Commodore District - Portland

Oneness Wellness Farm is located on a beautiful hilltop
overlooking the Caribbean Sea in the hills of Portland, Jamaica.

It is the home of the Oneness Yoga Retreat, a peaceful haven offering Yoga Holidays,
Personal Retreats, Women’s Retreats, Couples Retreats and Karma Yoga.

Also home to Ital Reservations, a homely vegetarian restaurant serving
delicious meals and juices made from the harvest of its farm.

At Oneness, you’re offered the whole wellness package Jamaican yard style:

Relaxation, Inspiration, Elevation, Great Nutrition and Top Location

To book or for more call Mangal Jot Kaur: + 1 876 585 7994






Water is our main element and the most powerful natural remedy
to purify and regenerate our body.

AcquaPhi™ amplifies the detox power of common tap water which has,
in most cases, lost most of it’s original energetic properties and vitality.
AcquaPhi™ technology recombines the chaotic molecular structure of water
and transforms tap water into pure, active, and healthy, crystalline-shaped water.
AcquaPhi™ works differently than a filter. It improves the energetic structure of tap water
by neutralizing the pollutant frequencies accumulated in its molecular structure.
The AcquaPhi™ Activator is a maintenance free technology that also acts as an energy booster
and provides enhanced water for home use and industrial appliance purposes.
AcquaPhi™ works at the same frequency and consistency of harmonious music and sacred geometry.
It emulates the same principles of sacred Mother Nature.

It is a transformational water treatment process that produces
free and unlimited healthy water for all your daily needs.





Lady G’Diver Scuba Diving and Water Sports Facility
One of the major assets and long time facilities in the Portland area,
operated by Jan Lee (Widener) at the Errol Flynn Marina in Port Antonio.

The only fully certified PADI facility in Portland!

Scuba diving remains one of the most sought after vacation activities in the tropics
and is considered an eco-environmental / green activity.
They also offer snorkeling trips and boat tours, all with well trained boat handlers and dive instructors.