Holiday in Jamaica

Personalized Vacation in Villas in Port Antonio, Jamaica W.I.

Port Antonio


Port Antonio has retained its charm, as a quiet rural township, and is home to one of the most beautiful harbors in the world.

Capital of the parish of Portland - the town was described by the American poet, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, who vacationed here, as “the most exquisite port on earth”.
Port Antonio’s twin harbors are among the finest in the Caribbean. This is a place where you can truly escape from the stress of daily life. Commercial tourism has not discovered this tiny piece of paradise on earth ... yet.



Port Antonio Aerial View

A SHORT, LONG HISTORY - Port Antonio was a sleepy coastal town up until the 1880s, when Lorenzo Dow Baker started the banana trade in Jamaica, simultaneously promoting Port Antonio as one of the most amazing destinations for wealthy American travelers.

“Porty” became a “boom town” as a result of the growth of the banana trade, with more and more tourists arriving and departing in the banana boats. There were so many at one point, it's claimed that weekly sailing from Port Antonio was greater than weekly sailing from the great English port of Liverpool.


In the 1940's & 50's, the island was glamorized by Hollywood, as it became the epitome of paradise for the silver screen. This was endorsed by the arrival of world-famous movie star, Errol Flynn, who arrived in Port Antonio in 1946 when his yacht “Zacca” washed ashore in bad weather. Members of Royal families, movie stars, great musicians and well known politicians who have visited Port Antonio over the years, are countless.

It's no wonder Hollywood selected the Port Antonio area to shoot films such as "Club Paradise" and "Cocktail". Over the years, Port Antonio has become an elegant vacation spot for stars such as Randolph Hearst, Ginger Rogers, Bette Davis, Brooke Shields, Raquel Welch, Tom Cruise, Eddie Murphy, Denzel Washington, Linda Evans, Sharon Stone, Grace Jones and the list goes on and on.

Errol Flynn

There are quite a few sites to see in this area. One of them is the magnificent Blue Lagoon.  This turquoise lagoon owes its color to its 200 ft depth. You might also take a slow raft ride down the Rio Grande River or climb the Reich Falls. Port Antonio is worth the trip. Not only are the accommodations pleasant for the most part, the area itself is gorgeous.

Although many tourists come to Port Antonio looking for the nice beaches and the sun, rainy days occur. The exuberant rainfall is the mainstay of the lush, beautiful green landscape that surrounds the entire area.  Port Antonio’s weather often changes quickly, if you see clouds when you wake up, do not worry. Take a shower, have breakfast, relax a while  and... get ready for the beach!

Although some travel guides warn about harassment in Jamaica, this is not a problem in Port Antonio, considered one of the safest place in all the Caribbean. If anyone approaches you selling wares you’re not interested in purchasing, just say "no, thank you", and smile and that should be enough.


A walk through the town is a walk through history, with its narrow streets lined with buildings from another era including the neo-Romanesque Anglican stone church (1840) and the charming gingerbread DeMontevin Lodge (1881), now a popular guest house on Titchfield Peninsula.

Fort George (1729) overlooks the harbors, with its cannons pointing out to sea. Just outside of town lies the ruins of Mitchell's Folly built in 1905 of cement and sea water. Don’t forget a visit to the new beautiful Errol Flynn Marina.


If you are looking for a perfect destination for such activities, then you should definitely go to Port Antonio. Here, you and your loved ones can experience a peaceful time under the sun while admiring the stunning scenery that this place has to offer.