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Port Antonio: Jamaica Unplugged

FOR MANY YEARS, Port Antonio, a junglehemmed town on Jamaica’s northeast coast, was synonymous with a specific kind of languorous glamour, best illustrated by a 1955 photograph of Patrice Flynn, a movie actress and wife of Errol. In it, she is riding on horseback along a sandy track as he walks beside her, his white shirt unbuttoned. Everything about it suggests a near future of Dark and Stormies at sundown on a veranda somewhere. This was the beginning of the town’s glory years, when it was the retreat of choice for Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor, who used to arrive by yacht with Richard Burton.

Today, that glamour has faded (it went the way of the harbor’s once-booming banana trade in the 1970s), but it’s left behind a wonderfully romantic afterglow. As you drive down the road of this small market town, you pass elaborate gates in various states of disrepair peeking out from behind tangles of vines, each marking a former great house or abandoned grand hotel.


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06 October 2015
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