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Songs of Redemption - The Movie


Songs of Redemption is a Jamaican documentary produced by Fernando Guereta of Nice Time Productions Limited. The movie captures the story of redemption and rehabilitation of inmates of the General Penitentiary located in Kingston, Jamaica.


It features riveting interviews and powerful reggae music created, performed, and produced in a unique partnership by inmates and wardens. Songs of Redemption reveals a stream of consciousness as told by Kingston prisoners incarcerated for crimes ranging from ‘illegal possession of firearm’ to ‘murder.’


The movie exemplifies the unique transformation of an extremely violent environment into a new state of creative and healing artistic collaborations. Interviews by inmates reveal sincere regret for the actions that led to a life of incarceration. The critical turning point is ignited through a growing sense of self pride and identity, a channel to musically express remorse and the ability to warn the next youth from destructive behavior.


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25 November 2013
Local time in Jamaica

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