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NYT - On Jamaica’s Other Coast, a Musical Revival

Jolly Boys, a mento band, at the Bush Bar in Port Antonio. Mento predates Jamaican reggae and ska. More Photos »
Published: November 11, 2011
LATE on a balmy Saturday evening in August, as Hurricane Irene churned far out in the Caribbean, the singer Albert Minott and his mento band, the Jolly Boys, were charming the crowd at the Bush Bar, a jungle-shrouded watering hole at the GeeJam resort in the Jamaican harbor town of Port Antonio. Nattily dressed and slim as an exclamation point, Mr. Minott, 73, slunk sensually across the stage as he delivered a soulful, gravelly voiced set that included Jolly Boys originals and covers of the Velvet Underground and Amy Winehouse.

15 November 2011
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