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Docklines - June 2012

NAVY ISLAND IS GETTING CLEANED UP as more and more groups are seeking to rent the place for special events. The first two all day events were booked during May and additional ones were pending as Docklines went to press. The new sign above was recently placed to welcome visitors and remind them of the fragile eco balance we need to maintain on the historic property. The island provides an unusual venue for various outings, theme events, picnics, etc. with plenty of room (64 acres actually). For details contact the marina office at 876-715-6044.

It has evaded many fishermen for years. The silver flash across the ocean waves its only promise that it exists. It is the treasured marlin, and every October in Port Antonio, budding anglers gather at the Port Antonio International Blue Marlin Tournament, to go in search of the prize catch—a marlin or two. By 7:00am on the first day of the competition, the Port Antonio Marina is buzzing with anticipation. The phrase “tight lines” can be heard, as fellow anglers wish each other luck, and skippers and captains prepare the boats for a day on the high seas, baiting hooks and checking equipment. Started in 1963, the tournament has become one of the highlights of the marlin season, and is the oldest tournament in the Caribbean. The tournament is currently run by fishing aficionado Dr. Ron DuQuesnay and last year drew 24 boats and 124 anglers, and has continued to grow, with past entrants hailing from Haiti, Cayman, Jamaica, the USA and even as far as Germany. It is also one of the region’s premier social gatherings, and the days at sea are followed by nights filled with entertainment, parties, gatherings and lots of food and drink. The first day begins with the pomp and ceremony of the boats parading out of the marina, the Jamaica of the postcards, past Navy Island and out into the deep blue. As each boat sets it course, and waits for the illusive marlin to bite, chatter back and forth on the radio confirms whether they are in fact biting. In 2009, 46 marlins were caught and brought ashore, dolphin and while 26 endangered Blue Marlin were tagged and released in accordance with the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) Tag & Release Regulations. Along with marlin, however, anglers also pull in popular catches like tuna,
barracuda, sail fish. While the sport yachts take center stage for most of the tournament (which lasts four days), one day is dedicated to the canoe tournament, where local fishermen compete, in canoes, to catch the biggest fish. Last year 40 canoes joined the race, and three marlin were landed. The winning canoe’s prize fish was a 133lb marlin. The festival and tournament often acts like a reunion each year, drawing back families who come to fish each year. It is a competition, but also a get-together of friends with one passion in mind…to catch a marlin. (Reprinted from MACO) This year’s event is set for Oct. 20-27 at the Old Marina. For details on registration, contact Chairman duQuesnay at 876-927-0145. This is an IGFA qualifying event.


DING DONG, THE WITCH IS DEAD- Celebrity assassin Charles Higham has died at the age of 81. The Los Angeles Times began posting his obituary last week. He reportedly succumbed to a heart attack after suffering a fall on April 21st. Higham is best known as the con-man who fabricated the popular myth that Errol Flynn was both a homosexual and a Nazi spy. This claim was brilliantly refuted by journalist William Donati who documented Higham’s fabrications. Higham’s many other celebrity bios are hurtful exercises in degenerate daydreaming. Eventually, Higham was quoted as saying: “I don’t have a document that says A,B,C,D,E, Errol Flynn was a Nazi agent. But I have pieced together a mosaic that proves that he is.” This preposterous nonsense was profitable for Higham who continued publishing faux celebrity biographies for several decades. His Errol Flynn: The Untold Story (1980) is credited with beginning the long cycle of intentionally smarmy tell-all biographies. In fact, Higham was one of the world’s maggots who fed off the bodies of dead celebrities, intentionally smearing their careers and connecting them to his own demented fantasies in order to justify his lifestyle choices. He discovered one simple lucrative fact – the dead can’t defend themselves. And so the Nazi spy myths were born. And so the sex gossip began. And it all became a million dollar industry. To read William Donati’s investigation into Charles Higham’s fraudulent claims about Errol Flynn see: My Days with Errol Flynn by Buster Wiles (Roundtable Publishing, 1988) and The Spy Who Never Was by Tony Thomas (Citadel Press, 1990).
SMOOTH SAILING, TYLER! – -Lt. Cmdr. Tyler Harrison, United States Coast Guard Attache’ at the United States Embassy laves us in June for a new assignment in Washington , D.C. Over the past several years we have had the privilege to work with Tyler on numerous matters ranging from Haitian earthquake and hurricane refugees to getting instruments for our local marching band. He will be missed and we are thankful for the privilege of knowing him. “Well done, Tyler.”


PERMANENT ART EXHIBIT- Don’t miss the permanent free art exhibit adjacent to the swimming pool at the Errol Flynn Marina. It is open every day and aspiring artists are invited to display their works for sale. Items must have a means of hanging them when brought in for display.


HAULOUT, RELAUNCH, ONLY $9.00 FOOT- Here’s our Marine Travelift prices for hauling and relaunching your boat at the Errol Flynn Marina Boatyard in Bound Brook. Representative prices: 30’ –$270.00; 35’ - #318.00; 40’- $360.00; 45’ - $405.00; 50’ - $450.00. Call Boatyard Manager George Munro at 876-715-6044 for details or an appointment.


‘FREDDY FREELOADER’ ARTICLE GETS FEEDBACK- Our May issue article on the guy that thought because the wind is free, everything else should be too, got a lot of unsolicited feedback from our readers. One insisted she knew the precise person being described. Another told me he was the one that always borrowed stuff but never returned a thing. She specifically referred to him coming by her boat to “borrow” a cup of vodka! Nuff said!


THE OLD CUBA WATCHER- A cross section of Caribbean marine industry leaders gathered in Cuba May 19-21 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Club International Nautico Hemingway which in itself is a major accomplishment in a country that embraces socialism to the extent it does. The anniversary event at Marina Hemingway in Havana was coupled with a marine forum and included discussion on such issues as to what will be the complexion of the Caribbean once the Cuba travel embargo is lifted by the USA.


FREE BALLROOM DANCE LESSONS- Noted dance choreographer Marguerite Gauron instructs free ballroom dance classes every Thursday afternoon from 4:30 p.m. at the Frenchman’s Cove Resort in San San, just east of Port Antonio. The classes are held in the Great House at the popular resort.


RENT AN ISLAND FOR THE DAY! – Following a general cleanup, the legendary Navy Island is now available to rent for special events. Under the management of the Errol Flynn Marina, inquiries have been received for such venues as family reunions, marching band fund raisers, retro parties, etc. Another party is considering a “Gilligan’s Island” event. For details contact Dale Westin, Marina General Manager at 876-715-6044 or email [email protected]. Navy Island was previously owned by Errol Flynn who kept his Schooner “Zaca” moored there and entertained an endless string of famous personalities when it was his private abode. It later became a swank resort and wound up in receivership and ultimately became the property of the Port Authority of Jamaica. In earlier times Navy Island was where Capt. William Bligh of “Mutiny on the Bounty” fame careened his boat after bringing the breadfruit to Jamaica from Tahiti.
‘WAVES JAMAICA, SET FOR PORTLAND Oct. 13-15 – Jamaica’s first aquatic sports extravaganza is scheduled to be held in Port Antonio and elsewhere in Portland Parish on Oct. 13-15. According to organizer Marjorie Scott Anderson. The time frame was selected as it coincides with National Heroes three day weekend. A variety of water sports events, including beach volleyball, water polo, and surfing and distance swimming at various venues including Port Antonio’s West Harbour, Frenchman’s Cove Resort, Boston Beach and others. The competition will be intersperced with a synchronized swimming exhibition, reggae concert, beach party and a gospel concert. For details on various events, sponsorship, etc., contact Marjoie at 876/316-1057 por vias email at [email protected].

08 June 2012
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