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Docklines - MAY, 2012

A FULL MONTH OF CLEANUP PARTIES IN MARCH resulted in a much cleaner and safer Navy Island thanks to the yeoman efforts of volunteer yacht visitors, US Peace Corps, boy scouts, Cuban Teacher Corps and numerous neighbourhood helpers. A major portion of the broken glass, plastic bottles and other trash is gone. A once-a-month volunteer plan will make an effort to maintain the improved condition (ERROL FLYNN MARINA PHOTO)

MONTHLY ISLAND CLEANUPS SET- Following a successful month of weekend volunteer clean-up days on Port Antonio’s legendary Navy Island during March, organizers have decided to do a once-a-month trip to maintain the initial beautification project. The monthly clean-up visits will be on the last Saturday of each month starting May 26. Volunteers are asked to assemble at the Errol Flynn Marina dock at 8:30 a.m. for transport to the island. The island transport is being provided free by Lady G Diver which operates a scuba diving service from the marina. Volunteers are asked to wear appropriate work clothing plus cap, gloves and bring a tool such as a rake, shovel, machete, etc. The volunteer session takes four- five hours and also affords volunteers a rare opportunity to see the island. For details on the event, please telephone 876-477-6914. The March volunteer programme saw as many as 50 workers picking up debris and hauling it all back to the mainland. The volunteers included numerous yacht visitors, boy scouts, US Peace Corp volunteers, and various residents from throughout Portland Parish.

PRIME FACILITIES AVAILABLE TO LEASE- The Errol Flynn Marina has several properties available for long term lease, including two restaurants, a former duty-free shop suitable for a sidewalk café or gourmet shop, plus a large office area and a boatyard operation. Both restaurants are described as turnkey operations with extensive equipment included. This includes all kitchen equipment and tables and chairs and full bar. Additional facilities include both cold and freezer rooms and large storage facilities. For complete details on any of these properties, contact Errol Flynn Marina at 876-715-6044 or email to [email protected]

CARIBBEAN MARINA CONFAB IN CUBA MAY 19-21- The effect that any relaxation of the USA travel ban will have on the region is to be one of the key topics of discussion at a Caribbean-wide marine conference being hosted by the Club Nautico International Hemingway in Havana May 19-21. A cross-section of key marine personnel representing almost every significant Caribbean island is expected to attend. US President Obama has been moving toward relaxation of the ban and is expected to lift the travel restriction following the October elections. A University of Florida study estimates some 65,000 boats will attempt to go to Cuba in the first year the ban is lifted. The travel ban’s passing is expected to result in a new Central Caribbean cruising ground to include Cuba, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. The US Congress appropriations committee has already eliminated all funding for any enforcement of the travel ban. Conference attendees will also being joining the Club Nautico in celebrating its 20th anniversary.

REMEMBER THAT ERROL FLYNN BENEFIT BALL? – The 2010 Errol Flynn Benefit Ball held at the marina’s cruise pier was staged for the express purpose of raising funds for a women’s dormitory at the Portland Rehabilitation Center and Homeless Shelter just east of Port Antonio. That dormitory is now a reality thanks to both the ball receipts and a significant donation from the Richard and Diana Stewart Foundation. Mrs. Stewart also served as chairman of the ball committee.

PLANNING A WEDDING, SPECIAL EVENT? Don’t overlook the fabulous Errol Flynn Marina as a venue. No where in the Caribbean will you find a more attractive, scenic location for tying the knot or celebrating a special anniversary or event We have several locations available for short term lease ranging from three hours on up. This includes both the Ken Wright Cruise Pier and Terminal Building, the Ken Wright Beach, a meeting suite or if you have something really big in mind…Navy Island! Contact Errol Flynn Marina at 876-715-6044 or send an email to [email protected]

– Be reminded about the outstanding menu and gourmet qualities of the DOM kitchen, with its unparalleled service, bar none, in Port Antonio. DOM is located on the west side of the harbour, opposite Errol Flynn Marina. Reservations are recommended and can be made by simply calling in anytime on VHF Channel 68 or call 876-993-3538.

THE WIND IS FREE AND EVERYTHING ELSE SHOULD BE TOO? We periodically get a client in our office that is incensed about our requirement to charge for anchorage in our harbour. However, it’s usually the same guy that spends a half hour languishing in our hot showers, endless hours using the free wi-fi (and gets indignant if the wi-fi goes off for a few minutes now and then), expects us to provide a free landing area for clearing quarantine, customs and immigration (All done at no cost of course!). He makes maximum use of our convenient dinghy dock and hauls his diesel in our dock carts from the local filling station to avoid using the marina’s fuel jetty. The client swimming pool gets a lot of use from him too and he brings his laptop and cell phone to charge up on their convenient electrical outlets while he enjoys food and drink he’s bought elsewhere to enjoy at the pool bar concession tables. Sound like anybody you’ve met? Fortunately this is the exception, rather than the rule.
ABOUT THOSE ‘GHOSTS’ OF ERROL FLYNN – Whenever there’s a trip to or a discussion about Navy Island, inevitably the subject of Errol Flynn’s ghost(s) pops up. “Sightings” or alleged sightings have come to light on just about every place Flynn frequented in his short, but tumultuous, 50-year life span. Navy Island is no different for it was here what he once owned and where he moored his beloved gaff schooner “Zaca”. It was this private island paradise where Flynn entertained lavishly the rich and famous from Hollywood and the world. Names like Rita Hayworth, Jackie Gleason, Truman Capote, Noel Coward, Tony Curtis, Abbot and Costello, Katherine Hepburn, Peter O’Toole were the routine here; not the exception. Nothing but a shell remains of Flynn’s hangout on the island today, but stories persist of his continued “presence”. Fisherman relate stories about hearing wild parties in the “cabin closest to the point”. Sounds of glasses tinkling, women screaming, music and lights are among the reports as fishermen return from the sea in the channel next to the cabin during the wee hours of the morning. Too much rum, too much imagination; perhaps... perhaps not! Consider there has been no electrical service on the island since the late 90’s The wife of one of the early developers of the island tells of walking with her 10 year old daughter when the child exclaimed “look at that man over there”. The child apparently saw the perfect form of a man, yet the mother saw nothing. Others roaming the island, including this writer, have periodically “felt a presence” but report seeing nothing. “Just a feeling they get” is what’s reported. Luke Flynn, grandson of Errol, reported frequently hearing unexplained footsteps when growing up on the 2,000 acre Flynn ranch east of Port Antonio. That Flynn’s “duppy” (ghost) roams the island is no surprise to many Jamaicans who believe that because a ring of white rum was not placed around the actor’s grave during his interment, his duppy will walk the earth forever. The rum rite is routine at most Jamaican funerals. In the next several issues we will take a look at Flynn’s recurring “visits” to his former yachts and homes. These range from his first trading boat, “Barbary” in New Guinea, to his famous “Mulholland House” owned by Rock Star Ricky Nelson, long after Flynn’s passing and who had numerous encounters with “Errol”.
Errol Flynn Marina and Shipyard
Box 188-Ken Wright Drive- Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica, W. I.
Tel: 876-715-6044 or 876-993-3209 Fax: 876-715-6033 – email: [email protected]

01 April 2012
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