Holiday in Jamaica

Personalized Vacation in Villas in Port Antonio, Jamaica W.I.

Scuba Diving

The Lady G Dive station is a certified PADI DIVE CENTER located at the Erroll FLynn Marina in Port Antonio and offers various packages and diving instructions. Jan Lee Widener is the Master Scuba Diver Trainer. The first dive is conducted at 11.00 am and then another dive is scheduled in the afternoon. Further details can be requested by e-mailing at [email protected]

Many of the sites are largely unexplored, and the reef relatively undisturbed. Alligator Head is known for big sponge formations and black corals on a banking reef that drops to extreme depths. An interesting note, the world record for a free dive was set at the Blue Lagoon by the dive shop owner's son, David Lee on April 14th 2001 at 45 meters/148 feet in 1:40 minutes.