Holiday in Jamaica

Personalized Vacation in Villas in Port Antonio, Jamaica W.I.

Maroon Centre

The Maroon’s Cultural Center, nestled in rural Charlestown along a lazy rolling white water river coming down from the Blue Mountains, is a beautiful and historical tour of untouched rural Jamaica. The Maroon’s autonomy from the island’s government dates back to centuries old treaties and remains to this day.

The “Colonel “of the local Maroons has created a rustic cultural museum of artifacts, tools, instruments and documents that date back to the time of pirates and the slave trade. His main goal in creating this museum was to teach the locals their culture and restore them to their Maroon identity.
Picnic by the river, just put your feet in or take a dip in an age old swimming hole while the Colonel tells you the rich cultural history of these African slaves that refused to be owned.