Holiday in Jamaica

Personalized Vacation in Villas in Port Antonio, Jamaica W.I.



This is a collection of quality, home-made products and services provided by local artisans.
We want to share their tasteful delicacies with you!



Vera's Oven fresh Bakery 

Order in advance
call Vera at (876) 543 0847 or (876)  567 9998 (Digicel)


  •  Brioche (min 12) • Cinnamon Croissant • Coffee Cake
  • Croissant plain or marmalade •  Chocolate ricotta pie 
  • Croissant chocolate or almond •  Frangipani Almond Pie 
  • Pains au chocolate or creme vanille • Frangipane Almond Cherry Pie
  • Parma Braids with Prosciutto di Parmaor Canadian Loin Bacon
  • Apple Pie • Plantain Tarts • Cheesecake Plain
  • Danish cinnamon or coconut cream • Cheesecake
  • Coconut Vanilla or Coconut Cream Rolls
  • Quiche Vegetarian •  Quiche with Shrimps •  Mini Fruit Pies (min6)
  •  Cannoli (min6)vanilla or coconut cream •   Home Made Jams







Organic Hand Carved Furniture


Organic Furnitures Jamaica


Designer, artist and furniture-maker Jeff Williams
creates uniquely beautiful furniture and functional sculpture
from indigenous woods, driftwood and bamboo.
Originally from Chicago, Jeff salutes Jamaica's natural beauty by recycling felled trees,
logs and branches that he discovers through scouting the island's countryside.
Left to decay, or be burned, the found wood is transformed
into unique furniture or given new life as functional, roots sculpture.

All are finished with natural oil and wax finishes
to maintain environmental integrity and to naturally highlight the amazing varieties
of highly figured and durable Jamaican hardwoods and bamboo.

Call Jeff (876)-1-4547400






Modern Fashion with an African Resurgence


Aya Wear African Fashion


At AYAWEAR, our mission is to create personal pieces,
uniquely designed for each women's taste and figure.

Contact us and we'll send you fabric samples to choose from. 
Bottom line, your outfit is especially designed with you in mind.

Contact us for custom designs, fashion shows, weddings, and music video styling.